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A lot of men are hurting, and we are doing something about it. We believe every man, with the right skills, has the capacity to live well. Happy in his skin, in loving connection with everyone and everything in this world. The time is now.


In 2022 I (Lana) attended a wellness festival where I experienced a “transformational” workshop Matiu facilitated, it was a powerful healing experience that inspired me to reach out to him. We discovered our common passion for living a healthy, juicy life, sharing our Māori culture and uplifting our men. That shared passion led to the creation of Tāne Hā - Confident Loving man...and also began a beautiful friendship, Yay!

Matiu Te Huki 

Ngāti Kahungunu ki Wairarapa, Ngāti Rangitāne ki Wairarapa

Matiu Te Huki is recognised around the world as a Kapa Haka leader, workshop facilitator, and musician. He also has a background in Māori mental health promotion and suicide prevention, using music and Kapa Haka to heal. Matiu is also an accomplished playwright and storyteller, inspired by the role of the arts in addressing mental health.

He describes one of the key milestones of his life taking place at Hato Paora Maori Boys’ boarding school when he began his journey to learn Te Reo Māori and experience Kapa Haka,  “I was young and skinny and felt exposed, I was all stripped back and I just had my culture to stand in. But it was that experience of my culture that ultimately gave me confidence in myself. It is my honour, and my responsibility, to pay that forward.”


Matiu has travelled the world to represent Māori culture, leading Kapa Haka and participating in festivals and events where he was able to absorb the teachings of global facilitators and healers. 


He is also very open about making his own mistakes and learning from those; “as I grew as a musician and an artist, I had to deal with a lot of attention and I didn't always handle that well, I was unfaithful, and I learned that’s not the man I want to be”. Matiu is inspired to be a strong role model for his three sons.

Matiu’s healing and growth philosophy is grounded in Te Ao Maori and he leads with his soulful presence, warmth and humour.  Matiu has channelled over 25 years of global Maori language and performance teaching into a series of ground-breaking workshops that have been delivered across the country called Haka for life, these workshops bring men and women together to balance the masculine and feminine energy in every person. The experience is described by participants as profoundly honouring, healing, connecting and empowering. 


Matiu has channelled his knowledge and learning into Tāne Hā as a way to connect with and support men around the world.


Te Atiawa, Ngāti Rāhiri

Lana is a well-known Aotearoa New Zealand actor and presenter. She has graced both big and small screens, but has made her home in theatre, especially Māori theatre. It is the ability to affect the audience's lives directly that Lana loves about theatre. That, above all has driven her during her 30 year career in the arts.

"I have a real passion for helping people, seeing them thrive and live their best life, and I've spent my lifetime seeking out the ways to make that happen. I didn't grow up with my Māori culture, but as I learned more and more, I've discovered so many valuable concepts and practices there that I know the world can benefit from. It's an honour to share them. 

Lana is affectionately known as a health nut and wellness nerd among friends and whānau. A health researcher, Lana has spent thousands of hours  following her passion for wellness; actively seeking out research, insights and experiences that enhance her life and the lives of others. Neuroscience, somatic healing, Internal Family Systems, earth based traditional practices, nutrition and Masculine/Feminine healing are just some of the areas she has studied

"Living a good life isn't rocket science, with the right tools we can all thrive and work together to create the more beautiful world we all know in our hearts is possible... and have amazing sex along the way!"


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